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Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

A Picture taken = Your Soul Fly away

Hey... it is the other thing i do in the USA. I went to AMISH People. Amish people is the christian society which is still maintain their tradition since hundreds years ago. They do not want to use moderen technology like electricity, car, and the other modern stuffs. To go anywhere they use "buggy", bugy is a vehicle like cart which is carried by a horse.

In order to support their life, they made some kinds of handycraft like chair. The woman is doing quilting. they sell their product to people. Their products are really famous all over the USA. Beside, they also have cows or chicken.

They made their own dress. The dress is like the old style. The women also wear head cover.

Most of the youth here marry with the same community member. They do not want to marry the other even though they are given the freedom to choose. As the free humankind, the youth in this community are given the chance to live out of the community when they are 20 years old to try the out side life. after the one year training, they are given the freedom to choose whether to comeback again or to continue living out of the community.

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