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Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

4th of July in the USA

What are we doing here is volunteering in the Parade, we help to organize the parade participants and helping to collect the debrish along the parade route.
Volunteering is very common thing to do in the USA. Poople participate in an even held by an organization or club with their own willingness without hoping any payment or reward.

Mostly people do this in order to fill their leisure or just to strengthen the sosial bound or the sencitivity about the social life.

for me, beeing a volunteer can give me more chance to experience the real life in the USa and also to be able to widen my relation. ...maye b....

at the frist time i knew that my duty was to collect the rubbish, i thought that there will be a huge one that i have to throw away, i thought also taht i am going to be very tired, but in fact almost no rubbish i saw and it was really fun not tiring....

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