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Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Parkland Community College

Yay.... this is my school, it is called Parkland Community College. What is a Community college? Community college simply can be explained as the college which aim at serving the community in which it is build. the people in or our of the community come here to learn about the practical skill which is able to directly be applied in the real life or the workplace. the practical skill are like the skill operating the computer, the construction stuffs, farming satuffs, or even in the art or other field of knowledge. Beside to teach the practical skills, community college also can can be transition of the freshman to get into a University directly after graduating form high school. in order to get their bachelor, the students go to Community college for 2 years, and then transfer to a University. Beside to make the transition process easier, the community college is also cheaper.

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