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Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

When feeling

It's now just moved from 3rd to 4th of January, 2011. It was just several minutes ago. it moved really quick like one clap of hands. I am still sitting here, exactly in front of my desk, the one on which i put my labtop and talked to her through Skype. she invited me to go together to a place far away from my city. I said somehow I didn't want to. She kept forcing me with her own way. She forced me with her typical intonation of speaking. She kept forcing me with her unique smile, with her good looking laugh and with everything nice she own herself.

Huh... i almost couldn't say "no". it's not only because of everything unique she had, but it's more because of the things i did not know, it's because a thing that i couldn't even see or feel, but it's there. It told me that I like her. Never ever asked me about what the pronoun 'it' refers to, because i have never understood. It seemed complicated, but you know what? it really was. I had a feeling that i liked her just because of the things I did not even know what it was. Can I call it as a reason for me to like her? And if I do capable of saying it as a reason, the the next question was "is it enough?", "is it enough to like someone by the reason you do not even know how it is like?"

But believe it or not, it happens in LOVE. It is really true that love does not need a reason to come and to go. Love does not need a clear answer of "why" to grow up. Love will come and grow faster with no need of any reasons. I do believe this, because it just happened to me.

I loved her with no reason. I like this feeling but I hate the time in which it grew. It complicated....

But, you know that i had to say that.

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