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Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

may be

ehmmm... it seems like years ago I wrote nothing on this blog, my electronic book. But in fact, it just days. yea, may be it's the another effect of the snow storm make me feel a lot bored. Well, it was just two days ago a very big snow storm which is called Blizzard happened in this city, Urbana. This storm was assumed as the worst ever happen since 40 years ago in the USA. Very thick ice and snow are everywhere. And the temperature is also falling down till reaching minus in Fahrenheit.

This situation, causes my classes off. Actually, i do like having several days off, but i really do not like staying in my apartment all the days. I need to escape, but no where i can go to.
finally, writing is the other way for me to get the way out of all this boredom.
Emm.. talking about boredom, I believe that many people including me hate it. Even if 10 people are asked about how bad it is to be bored, I am sure that none of them will say that boredom is fun. Well, even though no one says it's fun, but it's also not everyone knows how to escape from it. Even many people do stupid things or even worse. More people also and may be including me make boredom become a thing of burden Which causes us not to do a thing. as a matter of fact, boredom is only a feeling which means that we can control it. may be....

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