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Selasa, 02 November 2010

Leadership is Action

“Leadership is actions”, that is going to be the title of my writing at this time.
Getting the chance to study in the USA is really a valuable part of my life. Therefore I will use this chance as maximum as possible to reach my goal. There are a lot of goals that I want to reach while in the USA, one of them is to learn about its Government system. Based on my experience, the best way to do it is to get involve in it. Even though it is not at the real government system at least we can get involve in the small scale one as what I am doing now. I am joining the Parkland College Student Government. The way it runs and hires its members are almost the same as what the real government system in the USA does. Well, here I will tell you my experience when the first time I applied to join Parkland Student Government,.
The first time I knew the information about Students government was from the brochures which were put at one of the table next to my class room. From the brochure I knew that student government was going to run the election to choose eight student senators. After reading the requirements, I found that I was qualified. Actually for me one of the requirements was really interesting and challenging. Where we need to make a petition and collect at least 60 signatures of the students in order to be able to run for the election. At the first I thought it would be really hard to do, but in fact it was really exciting. I just need one day to do it. The process of collecting the signature was the most interesting process that I have passed through. While conducting this process I met so many people, explaining that I was going to run for the student senator election and then asking for their signature. Some of them could give me their signatures easily, but some others asked me a lot of questions or even refused to give their signature. Most questions they gave me were about my background and also my visions and missions if I were elected to be a senator.
After working really hard, finally I could collect all the signatures I needed. After that I directly met Tom. Tom is the Coordinator for this election. I registered myself, and then got my number in the election. A week after that, the election took place. It took three days. I saw a lot of students voted. Actually I was not really optimistic to be able to be elected, it was because I did not put any posters of mine, while almost all of the other candidates had put their posters on the information wall around the campus. What I did at the time just talked face to face to everyone I met. But surprisingly at the last day of election, after the vote was counted, I became one of them who were selected. So since the time, until now I have been one of Parkland College Student Senators. We have a lot of interesting activities. They are valuable for my leadership skill and also my civil engagement experience here. And the other interesting thing is that at the end of this program I will be given the certificate of leadership from Pakrland College. So, will you be the next Student Senator?

Champaign oct 2, 2010..

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