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Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

shaking Illinois Governor....

Hi.... the next wonderful experience is that i can meet and shaking hand with Illinois governor, Patt Quinn. here is the story...

it was at 4.30 at the afternoon. I was still in a very serious discussion with my friend in the Champaign Public library about Religion. I did not really like the discussion actually, but because He kept forcing me to talk about it finaaly i just said "Okey..."

well after aroun 2 hours discussion, that was at a quarter to 5 when my cellphone was ringing. Christine, my other friend called me. She invited me to go to the Pat Quinn's rally. Yea he was at the time having a rally to promote his candidacy as the Illinois Governor for the second time. without any further thinking I dirctly agreed the invitation. We planned to meet 15 minutes after at the Illini Union. Illini Union is the Center Building of University of Illinoi in Champaign.

After meeting christine we left together to the place where the rally was taking place. We went there by a friend's car. Christine knew the person through email.

After around 15 minutes we were at the car finally we got to the place. It is a wide place seemed like a very huge garage. When we got there, there were a lot of people. most of them holding a poster which said "Pat Quinn for Governor, The Job's Governor".

In his oration Quinn talked a lot about job. he promised to increase the job availability so that all people can get job.

While he is speaking at the podium, the people shouting and shouting saying their yell. Did not want to be assumed as the streng people I and my friend also followed other to shout. At the end of His oration, pat Quinn said that he needed the cooperation of all elements of the people work hand to hand to help him being the governor for the second time.

After finishing his speech, I and my friend went forward to get closed to Him just to shake his hand and taking picture...then we got it....

In general, the way they campaign is the same with ours. But the difference was that here every candidate are free to speak about the weaknesses of their rival with the clear language.

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