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Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


Urbana, Octtober 11, 2010

Monday night, it should have been the night of taking a very comportable rest for me because usualy every monday i always do so many stuffs in college from morning to evening therefore at such a night like this I will feel so tired the just slowly fly to my second world, that is my dream. But tonight, my feeling feels like really bad, it is almost like the feeling of the captain of TITANIC when it was going to sink.
The whole tiredness stayed in my soul seems can not kick the boredom away. I have been trying to do a couple of things just to survive from this kind of suffering, but what I get is only nothing… yes…a bunch of nothing. While my fingers kept dancing on my keyboard and my ear focused on the “heaven” played by Laila in the radio, my brain kept exploring to the whole of my body looking for the error system which causes this problem. After a little while, a huge of conclusions were transferred by the nerves to the data processing room in my head and sent me message telling that the main problem that I was facing at the time was the “heart” problem.
“What’s it?” said me….
“I have nothing problem with my heart.” Continued me…
I tried to deny…”I did no feel any hurt even I have to live without facebook, I will be ok even if I have to live with no contact with all my friends there, I am gonna be alright”.
I kept convincing myself that the decision to delete my facebook account forever is the best way for me.
Yea…that is the problem that I did not want to call it as a problem. Or on the other words I deny the problem as a problem.
I just deleted my facbook account forever, this had been a very hard decision for me. I have been trying to do it since several months ago, you know why? Here are some of the reasons:
Firstly, I have just realized that I have spent more than five hours I day just to sit in front of my facebook, this amount of time should have given me a lot of knowledge or experiences if I have used them to read or to explore The USA.
Secondly, I just realized that facebook just gives me too big chance to keep thinking and remembering my past time, my memories both sad and sweet. It causes a problem for me to keep walking to the future.
Thirdly, I just realized that facebooking keeps me awas from being sociable.
Fourthly, facbooking had interrupted my time to write.
However, behind my sadness, I am sure that I am going to get more happiness in living without facebook.

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