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Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Do you know how much I Love you?

You are the one i wish my ring belongs to. You are i wish the one i live with. But you know what? Love is the matter of two hearts; yours and mind. Love is the matter of transferring the same wave each other. You send me a positive wave, and i need to respond with the better one. it has no question on where we are or why we love each other, because love does not now boundary and reason. Yea... love does not know what "distance" is, love does not need reason, it is all about wave... the wave of love...
that is all what we need in love.

But you know what? I am not that perfect, to love with no mistake. to love with transferring the perfect wave that making you smile and laugh all the time. I too often letting you down, letting you feel that i am not the best one for you. i know that you still have many bunches of patience, but mind you that every time i make you cry, i always feel guilty. I do not want to be in this situation all the time, i have to dare of letting you be happy, of letting you smile all the time. That is why I go away, that is why i left you alone and I am also alone.

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Mudah-mudahan keputusan ini adalah yang terbaik untuk kalian berdua, Dedi ^^