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Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Cold White Drop

It was 7 at night when i got of the bus and got into Wallmart one of the most visited store in my area. At the time i saw many things white falling down from the sky it was beautiful like an end of a concert with a lot of thing falling down on the stage. Yea that was the first time for me experience walking under the snow rain.
How lucky i was, felt like i have completed all the seasons in the USA as what i have dreamed since long long time ago when i was still in blessed little village near the thick forest and the wild animals.

What came to my mind at the time was my family. The face of "sacrificing" father and the wise mom. a flash in my mind said that because of their support and prayer this poor little boy could experience walking under the white rain while listening to country music. I was dreaming, my eyes looked far away to the cold white drop, while my feet keep stepping forward. "a step more forward", said me in my heart. a step forward of dream journey, dream imagination. A step of going traveling the circle of the world. Looking for the meaning of every step which never stop even many boundaries tried to give limitation, the more the boundary appears, the more i said in my heart "I will keep going no matter what happens, keep walking to the other sides of the world. It is not the end, it's just the beginning of reaching the gate of the world".

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